13 Nov 2019

Yoga and Meditation session by Department of Ayurveda


Yoga and Meditation session will start with introduction of Meditation , yogic exercises and pranayam session will be done.

Yoga and Meditation session helps students to know how to meditate . It will help the students to concentrate on studies. This session will help the students how to stay fit and healthy.

Speakers of the Events:

  • Mr. Ankan Joshi, Yoga Instructor
Department Name Department Of Ayurveda
Course Name (Participants): Ayurveda
Date Time & Venue of Events: 13 November 2019
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members
  1. Dr. Richa Singh  , Dr. Kanchan  Thakur
  2. Dr. Nishant Bhatnagar
  3. Dr. umesh vasant Sawant ,Dr. Megha Bahuguna, Dr. Dushyant , Dr.Kanika , Dr. Hemant Semalti, Dr. Neha , Dr. Anita Pal, Dr. Yogendra Kumar, Mrs . Ankita Gupta
Contact Person
  1. Dr. Richa Singh
  2. Dr. Kanchan Thakur
  3. Dr. Nishant Bhatnagar


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